Review: Attack on Titan Tribute Game

Last year, a hot anime called Attack on Titan was born. This anime is, in light words, DA BOMB.COM BEST ANIME OF THE YEAR WOW JESUS CHRIST TITAN KILLING AMAZING in my opinion. In the anime, you see soldiers swinging around in what they call 3d maneuver gear. Its similar to Spiderman’s webs, except they are only for swinging around, not for tying up all that oppose you. What these soldiers do is kill titans. Most of them die without killing a single one and have a horrible death, so if you are someone who gets very attached to certain characters, I suggest not to watch this anime, because you will be extremely depressed after their horrible deaths. !SPOILER ALERT!  Even the main character was just about dead for a whole episode.

Following this horrific/amazing anime came a fan made game. This game is also DA BOMB.COM BEST GAME OF THE YEAR WOW JESUS CHRIST TITAN KILLING AMAZING, also in my opinion. This game is called the Attack on Titan Tribute game.

Now, let’s get started with the gameplay. The gameplay is what keeps you hooked for long hours, unless you don’t like hard games, because this game is HARD to start out with. You do basically what the soldiers do in the anime, kill titans. You have 3d Maneuver Gear, and some fresh meat to sink your blades into. Once you get used to it, it’s amazingly fun. The gameplay is a 7/10. I would make it a 10/10, but it is still missing many things, like characters, and a randomizer in the titan spawning.There are also many bugs. But there are only 2 developers working on the game, so it must be very hard for them to get stuff done without a full staff.

Next is the graphics. The graphics are in my opinion a 4/10. The graphics can be greatly worked on, especially the titans. If the developer can put some more time into the graphics of the titans and maps, the game would be near perfect, but there is still one more thing that needs to be worked on.

Sound. The sound of this game needs a lot more work. The titans walking sounds, the 3D manuever gear, and the sounds of the blades can all use some work. Some background music could help too. I rate sound a 5/10.

Summary: The overall gameplay is very good, but the little things, like graphics and sound need work.

Link to play:
Gameplay and pictures below

images (1) images (2) images


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